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[[Maksymilian Tchoń]] (born June 27, 1987 in Tarnów) – a Polish poet, essayist and editor. His works have been published in over sixty anthologies, almanacs, magazines and poetry portals in Poland and abroad. Journalist of the Eprawda internet portal.

A graduate of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University, member of the Artistic and Literary Creative Association (STAL) based in Krakow, editor of the Literary Almanac of the Young Synecdoche and Editor-in-chief of the Internet magazine BibliotekaeSynƎkdochy. He also deals with freemasonry. His books http, Ars poetica and Wiedziałem has become a bestseller.

[[Earl life]]

He is a graduate of the bachelor degree studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. He is a member of the Artistic-Literary Creative Association (STAL) based in Krakow. As a guest of Hyde Park, he took part in the 16th edition of Chorzów Poetic Port. He has conducted a poetic dialogue with, among others, Karol Samsel. In 2016 he initiated the idea of creating the Young Synecdoche Literary Almanac. In 2018, it was transferred into a virtual periodical and named the Internet Magazine BibliotekaeSynƎkdochy (2018), where his works are published along with such authors as Ryszard Krynicki, Zdzisław Antolski and Piotr Sobolczyk. The poet’s ancillary activity are his reviews. They do not present a critical approach to texts, but assess the content, commitment, universality, the condition of contemporary man in the world and the content itself.

Maximilian Tchoń is also the initiator and sometimes a  host of poetry meetings held at the Juliusz Słowacki Municipal Public Library in Tarnów known as “Gentlemen of Poetry”. The meetings were attended e.g. by Karol Samsel, Withkacy Zaborniak, Father Piotr Lamprecht. They promote the poetry of the invited guests, as well as local artists, at the same time discussing the condition of literature and the sense of beauty evoked while experiencing poetry. Publications on the poet’s literary works can be found at pisarze.pl, poecipolscy.pl, sztukater.pl and also in MiL Miasto i Ludzie – paper edition, as well as in Kwartalnik Literacki Wyspa. He has been recommended by eliteczyta.pl.

His works have been translated into English and Italian and reviewed e.g. by Zdzisław Antolski, Zbigniew Mirosławski, Lesław Czapliński.

His volumes of poems, as well as articles and publications concerning the author can be found in most university libraries in Poland. The author’s poem entitled “The W Hour” has been included in the library collection of the Warsaw Rising Museum. The poetic patriotic message was considered a valuable addition to the library collection of this institution. The poet of the AntyWalentynki project (FONT) of the Fundacja Otwartych Na Twórczość 2019. He is the author of musical, vocal and recitative compositions of relaxing nature. He has cooperated with such publishing  houses as: Adam Marszałek Publishing, Nowy Świat Publishing House, as well as Mamiko, Episteme and Miniatura. Participant of the annual festival Farewell to Summer of Writers and Artists.

He is a Catholic.

According to the author himself, more than half of the circulation of his books have been sold, which gives about 3000 copies in total.

[[Social activity]]

Maximilian Tchoń was a volunteer at the Krakow branch of the Voluntary Service for Children (Wolontariat pomocy dzieciom).  His duties included training, teaching and supporting the work of tutors by organizing extracurricular activities and developing individual abilities of children. The voluntary service lasted about 2 years.

[[Literary output]]

The poet draws his inspiration from Ryszard Krynicki’s lyricism, as well as from the works of such artists as Czesław Miłosz, Kazimierz Wierzyński and Władysław Broniewski. He finds his poetic synesthesias in music, especially in the cinematographic motifs of Michał Lorenc, or in the works of American rappers Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar or 2pac.

Zdzisław Antolski, while making a professional critical literary interpretation of the collection of poems by Maksymilian Tchoń – Ars Poetica (2015) and Condemned (2016), draws attention to the youthful freshness of his view of himself and the world, as well as references to the poetry by e.g. Ch. Baudalaire, J.M. Rymkiewicz and E. Stachura. He emphasises the author’s erudition and learnedness.

  • Życie jak poemat – Life like a poem (Wyd. Miejskiej Biblioteki Publicznej im. J. Słowackiego, Tarnów 2012)
  • Niecierpliwy – Impatient (Wyd. Miniatura, Kraków 2013)
  • HttpHttp (Wyd. Mamiko, Nowa Ruda 2015)
  • Całkowite zaćmienieTotal eclipse (Wyd. Bel-Druk, Tarnów 2015)
  • Ars poeticaArs poetica (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń, 2015)
  • Opracowanie edytorskieEditorial development (Wyd. Nowy Świat, Warszawa 2015)
  • Imperium PolonicumPolonicum Empire (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2016)
  • Walkirie. Noc ciszyWalkirie. Silence night (Wyd. Mamiko, Nowa Ruda 2016)
  • Człowiek z końca frazyEnd of phrase man (Wyd. Bel-Druk, Tarnów 2016)
  • PotępionyCondemned (Wyd. Nowy Świat, Warszawa 2016)
  • W osierdzie – In the pericardium (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2017)
  • Femme. Parafraza z pamięciFemme. Paraphrase of memory (Wyd. Mamiko, Nowa Ruda 2017)
  • Rezerwat znaków przestankowychPunctuation reserve (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2018) (esej)
  • Kolor po dniu Teoria geocentrycznaColor by day Geocentric theory (Wyd. Episteme, Lublin 2018)
  • NarracjeNarrations (Wyd. Episteme, Lublin 2019)
  • Ziemia złych wyrokówLand of bad sentences (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2019)
  • WiedziałemI knew (Wyd. Episteme, Lublin 2020)
  • Zakazana miłość Forbidden love (Wyd. Episteme, Lublin 2020)
  • Poezje. Koncert zimowyPoetry. Winter concert (Wyd. Adam Marszałek, Toruń 2021)
  • Żądło – The Sting (Wyd. Episteme, Lublin 2021)

[[Literary criticism and journalism (selection)]]

  • „Tribute to Tomasz Pułka”, red. Maksymilian Tchoń (dla Portalu „BibliotekaeSynƎkdochy”) 2018.
  • „Otwarte usta losu” – o tomie Krzysztofa Boczkowskiego słów kilkanaście. (dla Portalu „BibliotekaeSynƎkdochy”) 2019.
  • O „domach”, o „Domach ludzi” Karola Samsela, red. Maksymilian Tchoń (dla Portalu społeczno-artystycznego „Eprawda”) 2019.
  • „Dobrze skomponowana arteria słowna.” O książce Nekrotrip Piotra Jemioły (dla Portalu społeczno-artystycznego „Eprawda”) 2020.
  • „Człowiek w dobie XXI wieku.” Rozmowa z poetą Rafałem Różewiczem nt. bardziej i mniej przyziemne, red. Maksymilian Tchoń (dla Portalu społeczno-artystycznego „Eprawda”) 2020.
  • „RAFAŁ RÓŻEWICZ o uznaniu, akceptacji, koleżeństwie i pracy nad samym sobą.” — wywiad część II, red. Maksymilian Tchoń (dla Portalu społeczno-artystycznego „Eprawda”) 2020.
  • „Pisane emocjami – Maksymilian Tchoń o tomie Klaudii Leśniowskiej” (dla Portalu „Tarnowski Kurier Kulturalny”) 2020.
  • „O Perpendykiel/lu Ani Mady” – Anny Lubery-Kowal – recenzja (dla Pisma literacko-artystycznego „Bezkres”) 2020.

[[Antologies, almanacs, writings, portals]]

The author has published in about sixty anthologies, almanacs, magazines and poetry portals in Poland and abroad, the most important of which are: Wyspa, Akant, Poezja dzisiaj, Biuro Literackie, 2Miesięcznik. Pismo Ludzie Przełomowych, Gazeta Kulturalna, WydawnictwoJ, Okolica Poetów, Portal Eprawda.pl, Bezkres, Latarnia Morska, Portal pisarze.pl, Epea. Pismo literackie, KoziRynek, Antologia Poetów Polskich 2017, Ypsilon, Wytrych, Aspiracje.


• Polish poets
• Born in 1987
• Graduates of the Faculty of Polish Studies of the Jagiellonian University
• People born in Tarnów

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